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Your donation is making a life-changing impact by improving the quality of life for a young adult experiencing a cancer diagnosis, and their loved ones, too. Thanks to you, they can put their energy towards surviving cancer, not paying rent.

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We want you to feel great about your donation. We also want you to be rewarded. Thanks to the CARES Act stimulus package, you may deduct up to $300 in charitable giving from your 2020 taxes. This applies beyond your standard deduction, and does NOT have to be itemized to claim the deduction.

For individuals who itemize, the bill also raised the cap on annual contributions from 60% AGI to 100% AGI. The Love for Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) pending organization. Upon our approval with the IRS, we will confirm with all donors who require itemization so that you may appropriately deduct your donation from your 2020 AGI.

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From our family, to yours, thank you.