A lover of music, nature, and all things life, especially his wife and family, Matt was diagnosed with Stage III/IV Gastric Cancer on 1/10/20. The same day as his little brother and older sister's birthday. He has always had a passion to spread love wherever life has taken him. His background stretches from a brief career in the NY Mets organization, to janitorial work, bartending, traveling, an almost fatal car accident in 2015, and going out of his way to put a smile on every face he can. From Boston to Honolulu - Budge has had a life full of experiences long before cancer came knocking on his door. 

After surgery to remove 60% of his stomach, and a golf ball-sized tumor with it, and 8 rounds of intense chemotherapy at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center that finished in June, Matt is back to feeling great and is ready to do his part in helping others in their own fight. It's Budge's vision that Love for Life will not only change the lives of each individual and family served, but also inspire a craving for life in anyone who we're fortunate to come across.

If you give our foundation a call, you can ask him about it yourself.

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Alexandra Budgell

When it comes to compassion, understanding, and a genuine soul; Alex is your girl. A marine biologist who rescues sea turtles by day, and a healer of the soul by night, she truly does it all.


When Matt was diagnosed, she was thrown into one of the most challenging roles anyone can ever play in their lifetime without warning. Alex didn't flinch once. Through every breakdown, every reaction to treatment, every milestone, every round of chemo (except finals week, but she got a 4.0), and every little step in between, Alex stood by Matt's side. Together, they learned that with the power of love fueling your vessel, you can weather any storm you find yourself in the middle of.

A graceful dancer, a dynamite caretaker, a talented athlete and an incredible life-partner are all ways to describe this young woman. As she watched the love of her life endure the greatest challenge of his own, she developed wisdom and experience that not many receive at the ripe age of 24 years old. Not only will Alexandra surely make a tremendous impact on our environment, but she will change the lives of many more people during the rest of her journey through life. 

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Matt Budgell